LR6-IL IO-Link Signal Tower


Standardize your signaling interface.The PATLITE IO-Link Signal Tower installs and configures seamlessly through your IO-Link interface.IO-Link is a standardized IO technology (IEC 61131-9); fieldbus-neutral, point-to-point communication, universal interface.


Product Features

    • Seamlessly integrates with IO-Link masters. Learn more about IO-Link at
    • Built-in 5-pin M12 connector for quick and easy installations.
    • Select any combination of solid colors, multi-color, and clear globe LED units.
    • Audible alarm and Wireless Data Acquisition System are available as options.
    • A modular body construction makes configuring LED units and optional parts easy.


Model Code Pre-assembled Model
(Direct mount)
Body Unit
(Direct mount)
Body Unit
(1/2” NPT pipe or direct mount)
Size 60mm
Tier LED Unit: Max. 5 tiers and one buzzer Unit
LED Units Red / Amber / Green
(Adding or changing LED units is possible)
Sold Separately Sold Separately
Light control Continuous / Flashing
Alarm Sound Pressure Typ. 84dB (Use LR6-BW)
Alarm Sound Selection 4 types (Selectable) (Use LR6-BW)
Protection Rating IP65 (NEMA typ. 4x, 13)
Wiring M12 Connector 5 pins


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